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Here are some teasers from My Perfect Imperfections:

Teaser One

The rain slamming on the windshield is making it impossible to see clearly. I can tell she’s too upset to notice that she’s driving too fast, especially around the curves. I bite my bottom lip and swallow the scream from escaping when the van slips a few times. I don’t want to yell at her for fear that she’ll turn around to check on me while driving. Instead, I hold my breath and pray that she’ll slow down.

The headlights come from nowhere, blinding us. Where did they come from?

“Hold on, Lily!” she yells as she spins the steering wheel.

My heart stops beating when the van swerves out of control. I shut my eyes as the deafening sound of the screeching brakes and the crunching metal hits me like a tidal wave. The shattered glass tinkles around me, and everything moves in slow motion. As our van continues to spin, a deathly silence encases me.

I hear nothing. I feel nothing. I’m floating…and my life flashes before my eyes.

Teaser Two

“Guess you fell asleep. I can’t sleep, Lily. There’s so much I want to say to you. Maybe it’ll be easier to say it since you can’t hear me.” Chance takes a deep breath. Just as I’m about to let him know that I’m awake, he continues. “Lily, I wish our circumstances were different. I wish I wasn’t leaving or you could come with me or something. You have no idea how much I care about you. A part of me wishes I would just stay. But, I can’t do that, Lily. I just can’t. I have to do this. I have to follow what I had set myself to do from the beginning. Am I scared? Hell, yeah, I’m scared. I wonder if this stupid ALS will just sneak up on me and who knows? I could die before medical school is even over. So my choice of going through with it really makes no sense. I just know that I can’t allow ALS to control me. I refuse to live life by waiting around to see if I’ll get it or not. I have to pursue my dreams. I really hope you understand that, Lily. I hope you don’t resent me for leaving. It’s probably one of the hardest choices I’ve ever had to make. You see, every day counts. We must live every day to the fullest.”

Chance sighs deeply and holds me tighter. I continue to pretend I’m sleeping because I know Chance is not good with talking about his feelings.

“I don’t know why I have such strong feelings for you, Lily. I’ve never allowed myself to get this close to anybody. I’ll miss you every minute that I’m away from you. Every second.” Chance slowly caresses my lower lip with his thumb. Ever so tenderly, I feel his soft lips touch mine. It’s a brief kiss, but I feel his every emotion flowing through it. And, with this powerful kiss, I’m helpless, as he steals my heart.

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Here are some teasers from Chaysing Dreams, book one of the Chaysing Trilogy, that’s available on Amazon/Kindle, Barnes & Noble. These teasers are from five different scenes of the book. Hope you enjoy!

Teaser One

I creep toward my window. Is something going on outside? I slowly peek out but I don’t notice anything unusual. I decide to get a better look. I deliberately pad across the carpet to get closer to the window, squinting to see if I notice anything suspicious.

That’s when he grabs me! I feel a strong arm grab me from behind and the other hand is on my mouth before I can scream. He’s holding a handkerchief against my mouth. I squirm and push at his arm to shove him off of me. But he’s too strong. I start to shake my head back and forth to try to free myself. I’m having difficulty focusing! I can’t think straight. Oh my god! He’s drugging me with the handkerchief covering my mouth and nose. I try to hold my breath as I struggle to push his hand away from me and get out of his hold. But it’s useless. He’s too strong. Somebody please help me! But nobody comes. Then, in a very low tone, I hear him say in my ear, “Sorry, sweetheart.”

I fade into darkness.

Teaser Two

When we enter the bedroom, he throws his shoes off, moves one side of the blanket aside and climbs under it. As he lies there perfectly content, I stand there awkwardly, twirling my hair with my fingers nervously. “Come here, Tessnia,” he says, lowering his voice. I sneak a glance at him, and he starts flashing his famous crooked grin. “You’re acting like we’ve never shared a bed together,” he teases, raising one of his eyebrows.

“Don’t go there with me,” I reply tartly, crossing my arms in front of me.

His grin gets wider. He opens the blanket on the side he’s not sleeping to make room for me. I sigh and hesitantly climb on that side. I remain on the edge, stiff as a board and hold my breath. This is so awkward. How did I get myself in this situation?

Teaser Three

Jack and Kylie remain with me on the dance floor, and many times poor Jack has to hold me up. By the time we stumble back to the hotel, it’s three in the morning. I am so tired and drunk. I’m staggering all over the place and Jack and Kylie have to help me to the bed.

“I love you guys,” I slur.

“We love you, Tess, you know that,” Jack replies, tenderly moving my hair out of my face. He’s always so thoughtful and sweet. Why is he always so nice?

I grab his hand and say, “You know nice guys finish last, don’t you?”

“I guess I’ll finish last,” Jack softly answers. “You need to go to sleep.”

Teaser Four

He grabs my arm and takes the shirt out of my hand. “Not yet,” he says softly. “And I wasn’t talking about my other women. They were nothing but distraction.”

“A distraction? What kind of an adjective is that to describe one of your women? Is that what I am to you? A distraction?” Infuriated, I try to pull my arm out of his hold. His grasp tightens. Suddenly, he’s so close to me that our bodies are almost touching.

“Not only are you my distraction, Tessnia, but you are my heart as well. And you see, that’s not a good combination.” His voice lowers to barely a whisper. “I was talking about you when I said it’s nothing I haven’t seen before. My dearest Tessnia, I remember everything about you, every single detail. You have no idea how many nights I have stayed up thinking about what we shared–the time I saw every inch of your body. Believe me, I have embedded that memory into my brain, into my soul. I will always remember how you were screaming for me.”

Teaser Five

Next thing I know, I’m on the ground, and he’s on top of me. This cannot be happening. God, I have to get out of this situation. I try to scratch him and bite him. He then hits me, hard, on the left side of my face. That hurt! Nobody has ever hit me. Even my parents never spanked me. I’m shocked. I know I’m losing control of this situation. I can’t get his nasty mouth off of me, so I can’t even scream. I muster up my strength to try to push him off of me. He’s too heavy. I try to kick him, but his legs are wrapped over mine, restricting any movements from my legs.


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Here are some teasers for the sequel, Chaysing Memories. It is now available on Amazon/Kindle and Barnes & Noble, and is receiving rave reviews.

Teaser One

There has to be something we’re missing though. I close my eyes, praying that we find Agent Pierce.

I wonder what he’s doing right now. I know he’s still alive. I feel it in my bones, but I also can sense the urgency. We have to find him before it’s too late.

I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I know, I feel something tugging at my arm. When my eyes fling open, I notice Gem pulling my sleeping bag, trying to wake me. I sit up to try to understand what she wants while attempting to stay as quiet as possible, in fear that the others will wake up.

As soon as I get up, she starts running off, and then turns around as if waiting for me to follow her. Curious of what she’s trying to show me, I quickly put the rest of my gear on, grab my gun and the small backpack, and sprint behind her. Although apprehensive, excitement and curiosity keep me going.

As we race through the dark, cold desert, Gem paces herself so that I can keep up with her. The only light illuminating our path is the glow from the full moon. Incredibly, my mind is racing faster than my feet as I’m guided by pure adrenaline. The bitter, cold wind whips my face, but I don’t notice any of it. Every instinct is pushing me to run faster.

Teaser Two

“Don’t.” I freeze at the sound of his cold voice. “Get ready to defend yourself.”

As soon as he finishes his sentence, his other arm comes to strike. My reflexes kick in and I’m easily able to block him. He releases my arm and begins striking with both of his arms. I block him and flip backwards to get out of the zone of his strikes. Ok, that’s how he wants to play it. I tried to refuse, but hell, he’s asking for it now!

I run full speed at him and flip onto my hands, using my legs to grab his neck. He’s too quick, grabbing both my legs in midair and pushing me off of him. I land back up on my feet and I spin to connect my kick into his torso. Pierce again shows his quick reflexes by swiftly moving himself out of the way. All I hear is the “swoosh” of my legs in the empty air, not connecting to anything. Frustrated, I attack full force, alternating from legs to arms, attempting to at least have one of my strikes connect.

Teaser Three

As a guide dog leads a blind person, Gem takes over. She leads and I follow, putting all my trust in her. We run for at least fifteen minutes, all my focus on reaching Kylie.

And then we hear them. The sirens are going off in distance and my heart stops beating. No, I can’t give up. Desperate to reach Kylie, I run faster. Please, God, let me be wrong on this. We run toward the source of the sirens. Within five minutes, although my vision is still unclear, the emergency vehicles’ blue and red lights are unmistakable. But I don’t stop running. I have to get to her. I have to help her.

Teaser Four

“You are a beautiful woman,” he whispers in my ear and kisses my neck. He picks me up in his arms, and I notice that he has already taken his clothes off. I swallow hard when I see that only a mere towel, wrapped around his hips, is covering him. He lowers his face to my lips as he kicks the bathroom door open, and leads me to the bed. Chayse throws me under the cover and takes his position on top of me. Feeling his hard body on top of me, I can’t help but let myself go. I don’t even care that it’s just role-playing anymore. This feels too good.

Teaser Five

I’m running. The gunshots are ringing in my ears. I have to try to escape. Somebody is telling me to run faster. It’s Chayse. Chayse is running behind me, saying not to stop. I’m suddenly trapped. Terrible men surround me and begin circling me. I look at Chayse for help. But he looks different. His eyes are dark and empty. He doesn’t recognize me. He slowly walks toward me.

“Chayse?” I whisper. He laughs, a cruel, horrible laugh that sends chills down my spine. He grabs my hair and pulls it so that my neck falls back.

“I told you I had a dark side. You just didn’t want to believe me. Now look at you—trapped and nowhere to go.” He laughs again, louder.

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Here are some teasers for the third and final installment, Chaysing Destiny. It is now available on Amazon/Kindle and Barnes & Noble.

Teaser One

Without hesitating, I aim my gun and shoot straight through the man’s heart before he can pull the trigger. Making sure none of his men has witnessed my kill, I rush to the woman and pull her up. I instruct her in Arabic to head toward the woods to make her escape. She has no idea who I am since I still have my face covered. Luckily, she realizes that I just saved her, so she follows my instructions.

Before running, she turns to me and grabs hold of my arm. “Kill them all!” she whispers fiercely.

Teaser Two

As the man steps into the doorway, all I see is his broad, muscular back. Before he can react, I shut the door with my shoulder and throw myself on his back with all my might, attempting to knock him down. Unfortunately, both my hands are useless since they’re tied behind my back, but I use my strength and agility to forcefully shove him down to the floor. I must have caught him by surprise, so I’m able to use it to my advantage. Once the man falls face down, I throw myself on his back. I attempt to smash my head against the back of his, hoping to bang his against the hard cement floor.

But the man quickly turns around and grabs me. Knowing this is my only chance to escape, I ferociously throw and lash my body against him, hoping to land some hits with my head and shoulders. I don’t register anything around me. My only focus is to somehow knock this man out.

Teaser Three

He tackles me down, landing on top of me. “You’re mine! Do you hear me? Nobody else’s! Mine!” His hand has a tight grip of my hair, and he tries to kiss me again. But I turn my head away, scratching his back. He holds my head and kisses me again, his tongue trying to pry my mouth open. I keep my lips tight, using all my might to push him off of me. Unfortunately, he’s a lot bigger and stronger than I, and he doesn’t budge.

“Stop!” Somehow, I force the words out while I continue to struggle.

“Tell me you’re mine. Say it!” He is full of dark fury. I’m so disgusted with him that all I want to do is scratch his eyes out.

“No, I won’t say it! You’re a sick bastard!” I hiss.

“Oh you have no idea, darling.”

Teaser Four

He turns toward me and takes my face in both of his hands, forcing me to look at him. “No more about him. Tomorrow I’ll let you go back to him. But tonight, you’re mine. Do you understand? Tonight, you’re mine.” He continues watching me, waiting for permission.

The tears gather in my eyes, wishing our circumstances could be different. After taking a deep breath, I nod, giving him the permission.

He lies me down on the cot, positioning himself on top of me. For the first few moments, he simply just stares at me. His hand takes a lock of my hair, and he brings it to his face, inhaling the scent. His fingers caress my cheek, my neck, and he softly rolls his thumb across my bottom lip.

So many thoughts are flying through my mind. I can’t stop them. I want to tell him, show him so much. But there’s just too much to say, too many unspoken words.

Teaser Five

As I held the ring up, I noticed an inscription on the inside of the bank. When I saw the words, Amor Vincit Omnia, a lonely tear slipped out.

Jack cleared his throat. “Chayse had those words inscribed. It means—”

“Love conquers all,” I whispered, closing my eyes to prevent any more tears from sneaking out. With my hands trembling, I slipped the ring on my left ring finger. I wasn’t surprised that it was a perfect fit. Bringing my left hand to my chest, I held the ring close to my heart.

Always yours, Chayse.

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