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Tess and Chayse Moment II

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This Tess and Chayse moment is from Chaysing Dreams. Enjoy…

Just as the knife is about to strike down, stabbing Chayse in the back, Gem leaps up in the air. The guy with the knife is tackled, with Gem on top of him. Just as quickly, she snaps his neck with her fangs, as if he’s just one of the rabbits she had killed earlier. He is dead.

I fly there, ready to attack the guy who was about to swing at Chayse, but something catches me. I can’t move. It’s Chayse. He has grabbed me by my waist and is holding me back. I’m uncontrollably furious, wanting to get my revenge for hurting Chayse like this. I want to kill them.

“No, no,” Chayse whispers in my ears. “They can’t know. You promised.”

I try to get free of him, screaming at him to let me go. The men stop advancing, trying to process what’s happening.

One of them yells, “That bitch killed Ken!” He has his gun pointed toward Gem. Gem is growling at him, fangs exposed, ready to strike. She looks like a wild animal, about to attack for her next kill.

“Stop!” yells Chayse. “I’m surrendering. I’m giving up. Just don’t shoot!”

“That bitch killed Ken!” the man repeats. The man’s hand shakes as he’s holding his gun. He’s terrified of Gem.

“Please!” Chayse says. “She was just protecting me. Nobody else will get hurt. I told you, I’ll go with you willingly.”

Chayse still has a hold of me. He sounds defeated. I quickly glance up at him. His bottom lip is bleeding, and his cheek is bruised.

“Who the hell is this girl?” another man asks.

“She’s a friend, that’s all. She’s harmless. You have no need for her,” Chayse replies.

“A friend, huh? So all the female clothes we saw in the house must have been hers. Seems like she’s more than a friend. And you won’t be telling us who we’ll be needing!” It appears as though this man may be the leader. He walks up to me. He has dark hair, a beard that’s a tangled mess, and beady brown eyes. He has a scar about two inches long by his right eye. He smells like filth. He slowly inspects me from top to bottom, and a nasty grin forms on his face.

“I like what I see,” he continues. The man starts to reach his nasty hand toward me to touch my hair.

Chayse grabs his arm midway. “If you even think about touching her, I promise you, I will rip your heart out.” His tone is deadly enough to stop the leader in his tracks.

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Dracula Untold Review

dracula untold2

I’m going to go ahead and give this movie five stars. To be perfectly honest, I did not want to see it initially. I’m not quite sure why because ever since I was a little girl, I’ve been a huge fan of Dracula movies. But I guess I’ve just been burnt out of the whole “vampire” thing and just didn’t feel like spending a couple of hours watching a movie about it.

I’m so glad my husband convinced me to go with him. Truly, I enjoyed the movie tremendously. I had no idea what to expect. And boy, was I pleasantly surprised. Ah, the tortured soul at his best.

First, we’re introduced to Vlad, the human. Although he’s a fierce warrior, all he craves is peace. He has a beautiful wife and a little boy whom he loves more than life itself. Vlad is the prince of his kingdom, and his people have the utmost respect for him.

Unfortunately, the life he loves is not meant to last. The Turks come for them. Desperate to fight them off, and having no army of his own, he turns to the dark shadows. Vlad knows he has to sell his soul to the devil to save his family.

Sure, this movie has a lot of action, but it’s the emotional piece that touched me. Luke Evans plays the “tortured” Vlad perfectly. At some points of the story, I actually found myself crying.

There’s a very touching scene when Vlad is sitting in a church and prays to God for some strength to resist temptation. His son walks in and asks him if he’s sick. He then asks him if he’s sick because he was trying to save him. Vlad turned to his son and says, “Yes, but I would do it again.”

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He knew that he sacrificed himself for his family and his people, and he would make that same choice again. Honestly, knowing the end is coming for him, this scene gave me goose bumps.

To become mortal again, all Vlad has to do is fight off the thirst for human blood for three days. I don’t want to give away the ending but let me tell you this man fights to hold on to what he has with all that he possesses.

I absolutely love Vlad as a human and as a Dracula. He’s not only a badass, but also loving, passionate, compassionate, mysterious, loyal, fierce, and of course, hot as hell.

This movie will make you smile, send shivers up and down your spine, and bring you to tears. So, if you’re looking for a good movie to sink your teeth into, go see Dracula Untold.

dracula untold

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