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As we go through life, we all have top memories that we will carry with us. In my book, Chaysing Dreams, the main character, Tess, creates some memorable moments. The memories consist of important moments with her family, friends, through her high school years, through her college years, and beyond. As I was writing this book, I couldn’t help but reminisce on some critical moments of my life.

So I thought it would be nice to write a blog on some of our top memories that we will always cherish. Here are some of mine:

Coming to America: I was eight years old, and left India with my mother and sister to join my father in the land of opportunity- America! I didn’t know any English and I remember being scared to death. I had no idea how to even use the toilet (since our toilets were completely different in India)- Learning the western culture was an experience in itself! I will forever remember the “culture shock” and learning the “new way”. So many stories I can share- but I guess that will have to wait for another day!

Duran Duran Days: Yes, I’ll admit it. I fantasized about marrying Simon le Bon all through high school years! Hey, I created some pretty amazing memories because of them. To be young and carefree again…

Relationship with my sister: There are too many memories with her to list. But each one of them will forever be embedded in my heart. Growing up, it was always just my sister and I! And through all of the growing pains, we always had each other’s back- standing by each other through thick and thin! I am so lucky to have such an unconditional relationship!

Myrtle Beach Trips: How can I forget these trips with my best friends? We would rent a car and drive down to Myrtle Beach every year, throughout my college years. We would spend a whole week there, and be wild and crazy! Damn, I even skipped out on my U of I graduation for this trip! I know, I made some crazy choices back then! Oh, the priorities in life…

All of my pets: I will forever remember my pets. I had my two hamsters when I was young, named Fluffy and Fuzzy. Then I had the two parakeets, Snow Flake and Sunshine. Of course, how can I forget my cats, Serena, Tazmin, Velvet, Baci, Titan, Bella.  Oh, and the dogs who always ran away and we had to “bail them out of jail” constantly, my beautiful huskies, Diamond and Zeus. I’ve always been an animal lover, and I’m so fortunate that they’ve been in my life.

My Wedding: I had both American and Indian wedding ceremonies! My wedding was small, and my husband and I paid for it on our own. I think that’s why it was that much more special! It was stress-free, we made our own rules, and we had a blast!

Birth of my children: I am so blessed to receive the gift of my three beautiful kids. I can’t imagine my life without them. I have never loved anything more than my babies. I will always remember the first time I saw them in the operating room- crying at the top of their lungs! Never heard a more beautiful sound!

Memories of my patients: I am so lucky to be in the field that I am. As a physical therapist, not only do I feel like I’m making a difference in my patients’ lives, but I’ve had the privilege of meeting some pretty cool people along the way! Truly these patients have been my heroes, inspiring me, showing me courage, and teaching me what life is really about. I’ll forever cherish my time with them.

Attending The Red Carpet Premier for Twilight in LA:  Yes, this has to make the list! This was truly a once in a life time opportunity! I got the chance to attend the red carpet premier for Eclipse in LA with my best friend! Not only were we in the theater with the stars, but we had the VIP ticket to attend the after party! So yes, we got to attend the party with Rob, Kristen, and all my favorite Twilight stars. It was surreal. What an amazing experience!

Writing Chaysing Dreams: This is something I am so proud of- I can’t even explain it. I never thought I would actually write a book! I’ve always loved reading- and have read so many books ever since I was a little girl! But over a year ago, I started writing Chaysing Dreams. At first, I thought it would be fun. I really didn’t take it seriously. It’s just that I fell in love with the story- and even more in love with the characters! I’m always going to remember my story and the fact that I created it! I absolutely can’t wait until it’s published!

I think it’s important for all of us to slow down and remember what has mattered- our own memorable moments! How about you? What are some things in your life that you’ll never forget?

About Jalpa Williby

Jalpa Williby was born in India and immigrated to the United States at the tender age of eight. A voracious reader, Williby’s adolescence was marked by a promising academic career. After graduating with a Bachelors of Science from the University of Illinois, Williby went on to earn her Masters Degree in Physical Therapy from Northwestern University. Her passion for helping her patients led her to a specialty in neuroscience, focusing on children and adults with neurological impairments. For the past 20 years, Williby has worked as a Physical Therapist, a career she loves because she gets to make a difference, “One person at a time!” When she is not working, she enjoys reading, writing, and spending time with her husband and her three children. Juggling her time as a wife, a mother, and working fulltime, her love and passion for books never subsided. Some of her favorite books are A Thousand Splendid Suns, The Twilight Series, and The Hunger Games Trilogy. When asked what inspired her to write her debut novel, Chaysing Dreams, Williby answers simply, “Because I have a story to share.”

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  1. Courtney Sparkman

    Can’t wait to read the book. I’m going to try to read the excerpts this weekend!


  2. Joanna Vicker

    Nice memories JP 🙂


  3. Gunjan Patel

    Love it!


  4. Wow, what amazing memories. And even more amazing that you wrote them all down. Great reflection. Brought a tear to my eye. 🙂


  5. Jigisha Thakkar

    Long lazy days of summer vacations!


    • Ahhh yes! We had all the time in the world, and the summer days seemed so long. We were so innocent and carefree, with no worries in the world. If only to relive that one more time!


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