Chaysing Trilogy- The Dream Cast

I’ve had some readers give me feedback on a dream cast for Chaysing Dreams. So, I thought it would be a fun idea to come up with my own “dream cast” for the novel. I’ve envisioned what the characters looked like in my mind as I was writing the story. The following “casting” is the closest I could find to what I envisioned.

Meaghan Rath as Tess. She is young and innocent in the first book, but grows up to be a fierce young woman in the second book. She’s a strong female that would fight like a tiger to protect the ones she loves.

Meaghan_Rath1       Being Human

Liam Hemsworth for Chayse. A mysterious guy indeed- we don’t know if he’s the devil himself or a guardian angel. He’s hot, hot, hot and a badass! 😉



I have to pick Sean O’Pry for Chayse as well (although he’s not an actor). I mean this is the type of lopsided grin Chayse gives throughout the books. The guy knows how to use his looks to his advantage. 🙂


Kylie: Hayden Panettiere. She’s Tess’s best friend as well. Kylie is the pretty girl with Barbie looks. She’s the popular cheerleader during high school and guys love her. She’s fun, kind of flaky, but definitely a loyal best friend.


Jack: Jesse Metcalfe. He is the perfect Jack. He’s got the good looks, warm, friendly smile, and would make a great boyfriend. He’s Tess’s best friend, although he’s always had a crush on her. Jack is the reliable, strong, secure, and loyal guy that should be in every girl’s life.


Tess’s mom: Gabrielle Anwar A physician and only has one child: Tess. She’s a great mom and is close to her daughter. She shelters Tess from the knowledge that may put Tess’s life in danger.

mom gabrielle anwar

Tess’s dad: Terrance Lawrence He is fiercely protective of his one and only daughter, Tess. He is also a physician and he raises his daughter to be tough and not back down from any challenge.


Aunt Jenna: Rhona Mitra. Tess’s aunt is Tess’ mother’s younger sister. She’s single, feisty, and fun. She loves life and doesn’t stay with any man for too long. She’s close to Tess. She plays a big role in Tess’s life in Chaysing Memories.

aunt jenna- rhona mitra

Tom Sterns: Collin Farrell. Mr. Sterns is very mysterious. We don’t know if he’s a good guy or a bad guy. He’s very reserved, but he’s tough. He’s not afraid of anything and can be ruthless when he needs to be.

tom sterns

Tess’s dog, Gem. She is a beauty. She’s Tess’s best friend really. They are close and Gem looks out for Tess in the first and the second book. Gem has a lot of special gifts… but can’t elaborate too much. Let me put it this way, if you’re a pet lover, you’ll love Gem. Hell, even if you’re not a pet lover, you’ll still love her. She’s definitely a man’s best friend- in this case, Tess’s best friend. 🙂


So, that’s my dream cast for the Chaysing Trilogy! :)

  1. How fun, Jalpa! Good choices. You really know how to pick a good looking man!


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