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The Cat, The Crow, and The Cauldron: A Halloween Anthology

cover fro halloween anthology

I have written my first short story, Beauty and the Beast. I’m part of this anthology with other amazing authors. The best part of this? IT’S FREE!!!!!

Each of these talented authors have contributed a story with some type of connection with Halloween. But trust me, they’re different genres, varying from horror, to sci-fi, to fantasy, to paranormal romance.

Beauty and the Beast is paranormal romance. Check it out!

Beauty and the beast teaser2

Here’s an excerpt from Beauty and the Beast:

What she wouldn’t do to end the pain. Once and for all. Sure, she had kept herself busy all these years, and even forced herself to go out with people. On most days, she was able to pull it off. She was eating, sleeping, holding a job, and hell, even paying her bills on time.

It had been almost five years since she had lost her family. Her entire family was wiped out in that fire. She remembered that night clearly—especially since it haunted her dreams every single day and night.

At the age of eighteen, she used to be a rebel. Even when her mom would beg her not to hang out at night, she normally didn’t come back home until three in the morning. She was carefree, had no desire to go to college, and heavy into drugs back then.

She remembered it like it was yesterday.

Tori and Ryan begged her to stay home to play cards with them.

“Please, Kelsey,” Ryan said. “You never play with us. We’ll have fun.” He was seven at the time, full of life and mischief.

Tori, her eleven year old sister chimed in. “Yeah, Kelsey. We hardly see you anymore. We used to have so much fun when we hung out together. Can’t you just stay one night?”

Kelsey put her lipstick on and frowned down at her siblings. “Sorry, I got plans. I’m not wasting my Friday night playing cards.”

As she was leaving, her mom followed her to the door. “Kelsey, please don’t go. We really miss you around here. Besides, I could use some more help from you.”

Kelsey remembered shrugging her shoulders and flicking her hair back while she kept walking. “Look, Mom, it’s Halloween. That means there are lots of Halloween parties. I’m sorry you got diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. I’m sorry your husband died. There’s nothing I can do about it. Just because you’re now confined to your wheelchair, doesn’t mean I have to stop my life. I’ll see you later.”

Those were her last words to her mother—the mother who had worked hard every single day to help provide a better life for her children.

Now, standing on the ledge, she shuddered, not sure if it was from the chill of the night or the torturous memories. She stared down below, the ground a few hundred feet away. Instead of being afraid, a sense of peace encased her. It would be so easy to end it now.

Download it now and would love for you to leave a review. As always, thank you for your support.

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