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Review of Insurgent the movie


I just came back from seeing Insurgent. Once in a while, I see a movie, and the first thing I want to do is to tell everybody what I thought about it. So I decided to blog about it. I’m so glad I went to see this movie. I was feeling tired, and almost talked myself out of it. But as soon as the movie started, I was wide-awake. I think while I sat on the edge of my seat, my heart was beating fast during the entire movie. So much was happening so fast! This movie is a great sequel to Divergent. I loved Divergent and I loved Insurgent just as much. First of all, we got the badass heroine. Absolutely can’t go wrong with that. She’s tough as they come. But what I really enjoyed was watching her vulnerability. Tris has her fears, and her conscious is killing her.


Shailene Woodley plays her perfectly. I almost think that she may be one of the best actresses of her generation right now. Shailene is able to portray her weaknesses, her strengths, her fears, her guilt, and at the end, her finally forgiving herself. Let’s talk about Theo James for a minute. Again, a phenomenal actor. Well, his good looks don’t hurt either. But truly, he plays Tobias (Four) perfectly. I can’t imagine another actor playing that character.


The two of them sizzle on screen. Tobias by now has fallen hard for Tris and will do whatever it takes to protect her. When the truth serum is injected in him, he confesses that he has fallen in love with Tris. Sigh… And both of them together really can kick some ass. They take on the evil and the battle begins. I love movies like this. If you’re looking for some entertainment, a movie full of action, suspense, and some butt kicking scenes, this is a great movie. Oh, and let’s not forget the hot romance between these two.


“You die, I die.”


Review of Divergent (the movie)




Last night, my family and I went to see Divergent. I have to say, I absolutely loved the movie. I haven’t read the full series yet. I’m not sure if I’m going to read them. I found out what happens at the end of the series and that took all of the motivation out of me to read the books.

Ok, back to the movie. It was probably one of the better movies I’ve seen in a long time. Here’s what I liked:

It was full of action and suspense. I love a good movie or a book that keeps me guessing and my heart racing. Divergent definitely kept moving fast, and I was completely engrossed in the story the entire time.

Theo James: Need I say more? Not only is this guy hot, but also he can act. For me, he played the badass “Four” perfectly.

I loved the chemistry between Tris and Four. Although it was subtle, every time they touched, I could feel the attraction between the two.

I hate weak female leads.  Tris is tough and not a quitter. And I was pleased that Shailene Woodley was able to pull this off. I thought the fight scenes with Tris were pretty awesome- especially at the end, when she was fighting Four.

Although I wish Tris’s relationship with her friends was developed more, I’m glad that they did spend some time on her relationship with Four. I think this is crucial, and I felt that the director nailed it.

I strongly recommend all of you to see this movie. My entire family enjoyed it, including my nine-year-old son. I think it’s got something for everyone.

Now, am I going to read the books? I haven’t quite decided yet. I will see the rest of the movies though. And, I’ll probably go back and see Divergent again.

I know many of you will probably disagree on this with me, but I do hope that the ending of the series is changed for the movies. I can’t help it. I hate the ending of the series!

What are your thoughts?

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