Sense8 Continues (Fanfic Chap 3)

Disclaimer: I own no rights to Sense8 or the characters. I’m simply writing this fan fiction to provide some closure to myself, as well as hopefully, other die-hard fans who are feeling lost like me.

Chapter Three


the gang

 The cluster had been crashing in the one bedroom flat on the couches, the day bed that was in the living room, and even the floor. Their hostages, Whispers and Jonas, were tied up in the bedroom. The fact that they hadn’t made much progress in terms of information on Wolfgang was making them all anxious.

They had left their homes and the people they loved to save their friend. None of them were allowed to call anybody until the mission was accomplished. It was too risky, and besides, none of them wanted to endanger their loved ones’ lives. Now that BPO had one of their own, everybody they knew may be at risk.

“Are you okay, Lito?” Nomi asked when she saw him standing in a corner, jumping up and down.

“This helps me when I am stressed. We have been stuck in here too long. And I worry for Hernando and Dani. They cannot reach me, and that is killing them, I am sure.”

“Did you tell them anything before you left?” Nomi was worried about Lito.

“I tried to explain what was happening, but nothing was coming out right. They came with me to the airport to try to stop me. Both of them thought I was losing my mind. Then they wanted to come with me, but I did not allow it. They still have their jobs, and they do not understand all that is going on with me. I should have explained things from the beginning.” Lito shook his head, remembering the exchange at the airport. “I still remember Hernando’s last words to me. He said, ‘Even though I think you’re acting crazy, I see it is very important for you to get on that plane. And because I love you, I will support you any way you need me to. I will be waiting when you come back home.’” Lito sighed, feeling emotional.

“You’re lucky to have him,” Nomi said, squeezing his hand.

“Yes, I am. Congratulations by the way. I see you are ready to walk down the aisle,” Lito said with a quick wink.

“Thank you! I’m lucky I was able to bring my fiancé with me here,” Nomi said, watching Amanita. “I guess things could be worse. It’s a good thing we can all speak English. Can you imagine if none of us could understand what we were saying?”

Lito chuckled. “I am still rusty, but I think I have gotten better since you all came into my life. I have gotten pretty good in other languages too.”

Capheus joined them. “Even though we were poor, my mother always made sure that I went to English classes. She said it was important to learn it. That one day, I was going to be somebody big, and I will need to know it.”

“Your mother is a very wise woman,” Nomi said and then turned her attention to her computer. When she got a notification on the screen, her heart skipped a bit. “Holy shit! We got her!”

Everybody ran to the laptop, hovering around her.

“What’s happened?” Will asked.

“Bug, do you see what I see?” Nomi asked her friend who was still back in San Francisco.

“I’m on it!” he responded.

Nomi turned to her team. “His wife just entered the drug store, Boots, off of Strand Road. We got a picture of her going in from the camera. We can now show Whispers we are serious!”

“I know exactly where that pharmacy is. I know short cuts to get there,” Riley said.

“Come on,” Capheus said. “I can get us there. We have the rented car that Nomi was able to get for us. It would be for the best if we can follow her and even get the address of where she lives.”

“Okay, I will go with you.” Will jumped up.

“No, you monitor the situation from here. You may need to make some tough decisions. Besides, our prisoners are here.” Riley said, following Capheus.

“Do not worry! I will go with them,” Lito said.

They all turned to Lito as he was running after Capheus and Riley.

Lito shrugged his shoulders. “What? I believe I am getting pretty good at fighting now. Wolfgang has taught me well.” He then swung his arm in air, throwing a punch.

“Hell yeah!” Amanita cheered.

Will sighed. “Riley, be careful,” he yelled as she dashed out of the door.

“I know!” She assured him before disappearing down the hall with Capheus and Lito.

“Don’t worry, Bug can track any of us now since he’s got all of our pictures. He will be able to watch their car through all of the public cameras. And, I’ve got my eyes on Mrs. Whispers from inside the store now. Looks like she’s waiting on some medication at the desk. Bug, are you on this?” Nomi asked.

“I am in the store’s computer as we speak,” he replied. “I’m a bit slow. This change in time zone is messing me up. It’s four in the morning here.”

“Bug, stay sharp!” Amanita ordered.

“I said, I got it! Okay, looks like she just picked up Insulin for somebody named, Chelsea Sherman,” Bug informed them.

“Who is Chelsea Sherman?” Sun asked.

“Whoever she is, she has diabetes,” Kala replied.

“Chelsea is his daughter’s name,” Will said.

“Looking it up,” Nomi said. Within seconds, a picture of a young girl popped up.

“You’re a genius!” Will exclaimed. “That’s her. That’s his daughter.”

“I’m just getting started, honey,” Nomi said, smiling. “Look at what popped up about her. She’s ten years old and her parents are Elizabeth and Daniel Sherman.”

Amanita leaped up and screamed in victory. “Does this mean we have Whispers’ real name? Oh shit, this is freakin’ fantastic!”

“I thought his name was Milton Matheson,” Nomi mumbled to herself.

“He probably has several aliases. Who knows what his real name is?” Sun said.

“Hey. guys! Our little wife must have paid in cash,” Bug interrupted. “There’s no credit card transaction.”

Within ten minutes, Nomi noticed Mrs. Sherman was getting ready to exit the store. “Damn it! She’s leaving.”

They all stared at the screen as a black sedan pulled up, and she got in.

“Do you see this, Bug?” Nomi asked

“Sure do! I have the license plate number,” he answered.

Will dialed Riley’s number. “Okay, she’s now in a black sedan heading east on Strand Road. The license plate number is KB205,” he informed her as he read it off of the screen.

“We’re still ten minutes away from there,” Riley replied.

“Not for long,” Capheus said as he waved in and out of traffic.

“We can’t stay on the phone too long, Will,” Riley said. “We can’t take the chance. Don’t worry, we’ll get them. Just call back if you see them turning.”

“Got it. Be careful,” Will said before disconnecting the line.

“I can’t get any information on the license plate,” Bug informed them. “I’ve been trying to run it, but nothing’s coming up.”

“Just like Jonas’s phone,” Sun said. “None of the phone numbers on his phone were traceable.”

“I’m not surprised,” Kala said. “These guys know what they’re doing.”

“I’m shocked that even his daughter’s information came up,” Will said.

“It may not even be her real information.” Sun was pacing the floor, wishing they could get accurate information on this guy.

“If the mother went to get the Insulin for her like that, I have a feeling she must have ran out,” Kala said as she thought about the possibilities. “I think she must have been desperate. Diabetes can be extremely dangerous without the medication.”

“Wouldn’t Whispers’ lab just provide her with the supply, though?” Amanita asked.

“He probably did,” Sun agreed. “But remember, he is not around. Maybe she does not have access to anybody at BPO or his lab. Like Kala said, she made this desperate move in order to get her hands on that medication.”

“Looks like Capheus is right behind the black sedan now. I just got a visual of the two cars from one of the cameras from another store,” Nomi said.

Will breathed a sigh of relief, but was still nervous for his girlfriend. He hated feeling this helpless.

They all stared at the screen, trying to get another visual of the cars. When it did pop up, they all would cheer to celebrate. But within fifteen minutes, there was nothing on the cars.

“Can’t trace them anymore. I think they may have turned into a street that’s more residential,” Nomi said, clicking frantically at the keyboard to scan the cameras.

“Unless somebody has any outdoor cameras at their home, we won’t be able to see where that sedan is going to stop,” Bug said.

“Don’t worry. Capheus, Riley, and Lito are on them,” Sun said, clenching her fists.

“I’m gonna go ahead and trace Riley’s phone now. I can tell you exactly what street they’re on,” Bug offered.

“If we can trace her, anybody else can as well,” Sun said.

“Sure, if they have her new number. We’ve changed all of our numbers for a reason, and we’ve made sure to take all precautions to make it extremely difficult for others to get access to our number. Technically, none of our numbers even exist,” Nomi assured them.

“Just like Jonas’ phone,” Kala softly said. “Are you sure BPO can’t trace his phone?”

“I took the battery out immediately from his phone. And since then, we’ve reprogrammed the phone to ensure it would be untraceable.” Nomi explained. “And don’t forget, we still have the list of phone numbers he dialed. I know we can’t trace the numbers, but maybe we need to call the last number Jonas dialed. It was right before we had captured him.”

“I don’t want to call it until we know who we’re talking to. I want the person on the other line to think we got our shit together,” Will said, pacing the floor.

“But neither of them are talking. I can’t stand this!” Kala said, trying to keep her mind off of Wolfgang.

“We need a name…maybe of who’s in charge of BPO.” Will knew it was critical to get the vital information from their hostages.

“Don’t worry. He will talk once he finds out that we know his true identity,” Sun said calmly.

“When we put Daniel Sherman in the system, nothing is popping up. At least nothing about Whispers. Same about his wife. No picture, no information,” Nomi said.

“Again, not surprised,” Will mumbled.

“Hey, team! Looks like Riley’s car stopped for about five minutes because her phone stayed motionless. But they’re back on the move. Looks like they may be heading back,” Bug announced.

Will couldn’t help but dial his girl’s number. Riley answered immediately. “We have her address. All is good. Heading back now,” she said simply.

Everybody yelled in victory, and Will quickly disconnected the call.

“You’re my hero, Bug!” Amanita said. “And you are a fuckin’ genius, my love.” She grabbed Nomi’s face and kissed her.

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