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A Brand New Interview

A brand new interview with Confessions of a Disabled Diva. Please go to her site for the original interview: click here

Here’s the interview by Joanne Grana. Joanne is an inspirational woman who runs her own blog. Thank you for having me!


Jalpa Williby has been a physical therapist for twenty-six years. The majority of her patients have cerebral palsy. That’s her day job,

Jalpa is also an award-winning author. I was curious whether there are any similarities between being a PT and a writer. I wanted to learn more about her and the nine novels she has authored.

I hope that you enjoy reading about this unique and fascinating woman. When you are finished reading this post  I encourage you to download one of her books, You won’t be disappointed.

What prompted you to choose your career as a physical therapist?

I always knew I wanted to be in the medical field. I like to be able to make a difference in people’s lives. When I found out about physical therapy, I wasn’t quite sure what it was. I decided to volunteer in physical therapy to find out more about it. And instantly, I was drawn to it. I loved the one on one interactions with the patients. I saw the vital role physical therapists played in patients’ lives. I’ve been practicing for 26 years now and have loved every moment of it.

When did you begin working with individuals who have CP?   

I’ve always worked with individuals with CP, but for the last eighteen years, the focus of my practice has been with neuro patients. The majority of my patients have cerebral palsy.

What are the challenges/rewards of being a PT?

The rewards will always outweigh any challenges. I feel that my patients actually end up being my teachers. I’ve learned so much from them…about courage, positivity, perseverance, motivation. They inspire me to bring the best version of myself every single day. A major challenge I’ve noticed as I’ve gotten older is that my body can feel the aches and pains. Practicing as a physical therapist for twenty-six years has definitely taken a toll on my body. But, I’m going to keep going. That’s what my patients have taught me. Never give up.

Are there any similarities between being a PT and a writer? Have any of your patients inspired any of your characters? 

Creativity is a huge part of being a physical therapist and writer. Additionally, I think as a physical therapist and as a writer, I know people count on me to do my best. My patients need me to give 100% when I work with them. Likewise, my readers want me to put my best work out there. I expect nothing less from me, both as a physical therapist and as a writer. My patients definitely have inspired me to write My Perfect Imperfections. As a matter of fact, I wrote the story for them. Lily, the character from My Perfect Imperfections, is actually inspired by a beautiful, young woman I met, named Charisse. She also has cerebral palsy, and as I got to know Charisse more, Lily was created.

Were you nervous about writing a book about a young woman with CP?  Many people do not believe that people who are severely disabled can find happiness and love. My Perfect Imperfections debunks that myth. How much research was involved in writing the book?  If your book was made into a movie who are your top choices to play Chance and Lily?

Yes, I was nervous, to be honest. I was more nervous because I wanted to get it right. I didn’t want to insult anybody with cerebral palsy. It is a story about a strong, young woman, who has a bit more obstacles than average, to overcome. But, I wanted the audience to fall in love with Lily. I wanted them to see her as a beautiful, young woman, and not as someone with a disability in a wheelchair. This was very important to me. Lily has goals, desires, loves, hurts, falls apart, gets back up, and through it all, she keeps her head up. I wanted her to inspire the readers, and also, see the world of disability differently than what society portrays at times.

To prepare for this story, I interviewed many individuals with cerebral palsy. Outside of my own patients, I also reached out to individuals out in the community. The age varied, and some were married, some were working, some lived completely independently, and some lived in a facility. I just wanted to really reach out to get the full picture. That’s the beauty of social media. I found many new friends from writing this heartfelt story.

Man, that would be a dream come true if this was made into a  movie. Here’s a fan-made trailer actually for My Perfect Imperfections (Douglas Booth and Hailee Steinfeld).

Tell us about your other novels Chaysing Trilogy and The Invisible Veil. Series These novels are a complete departure from My Perfect Imperfections.  Where did the idea for these books originate?

Chaysing Trilogy is my first “baby” as I like to call my books. I got the idea to write this story because I always wondered what dreams really mean. Also, I’ve treated many patients where there’s some anomaly in genes. I always wondered why can’t it go the other way? What if the genes are perfectly aligned or even enhanced? So, this story was created. Chaysing Trilogy is romantic suspense. It has lots of twists and turns, guaranteed to make you cry and laugh.

My most recent books, The Invisible Veil Series, actually focus on human trafficking. I try to write stories that raise awareness of what’s going on around the world. Again, I do this through my characters. It’s also a romantic suspense, a thriller, and truly a story that will stay with you for a long time. I bring up PTSD of an American soldier as well as other issues we may face such as depression, anxiety, and loneliness. I only hope my characters bring hope to my readers when things may seem hopeless.

What is the writing process like for you?  Do you outline first or just start writing?

Actually, I have to outline first, just to keep my thoughts organized. This is not rigid at all. But, it keeps me focused on what I want to include in my story. For example, for My Perfect Imperfections, I made a list of what I wanted to include. I definitely wanted to bring up the stereotypes of people in wheelchairs, the bullying, communication devices, what happens if the wheelchair breaks down, physical or sexual assaults, fitting in socially, and dating/falling in love. These were tough topics to write about, but so vital to the story. Almost always, though, the story changes as I start writing. The characters kind of take over and they dictate how they want their story to go. Lily and Chance were supposed to be best friends only. Originally, I had no plans on them falling in love. But, as I continued to write, as crazy as it may sound, they kind of wrote their own story.

You have won numerous awards as an author What’s the most exciting thing that has happened to you since you began writing?  

I never expected to win awards, to be honest. The books also have been best sellers. It’s all been surreal for me. I additionally began writing because it was a challenge to myself. I had no idea how awesome this ride was going to be. The most exciting thing though? I’d definitely say the readers. I love it when I receive a heartfelt review of a story. I love it when I get personal messages that say how much the story helped them see things from a different perspective. If I can help even one person through my stories, then really, what can be more gratifying than that?

Can you give us a hint about your next writing project? 

To be honest, I’m focusing on my family and myself right now. I still work full time as a physical therapist, so writing is typically done late nights and on weekends. I have nine books out right now, but I worked non-stop to get them out. Right now, I think it’s important I spend time with my son and just enjoy him (he’s my last baby). This doesn’t mean my mind is still not going a hundred miles per hour. I’ve been taking notes on a possible story. It would be a young adult dystopian genre. I really want to write it because I bring up a lot of the political mess that’s going on currently in the world. Most will say to stay away from politics, but you know what? I’ve never been the cowering type. I’m very emotionally driven, so I tend to follow my heart first. Perhaps it’s not a good trait, but it is what it is. Hopefully, I’ll get to finish that story one of these days. I do think it’s going to be very intense…

Is there anything else you’d like my readers to know?

First of all, thanks for having me. I’m truly honored to be your guest. I’d like to encourage your readers to try one of my books. They all are different, but each definitely will stay with you for a long time. The books are all available on Amazon. If anybody wants to stalk me, you can find me at the following sites:


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Twitter: https:/www./




Girl Behind The Veil-Chap 1

Hello, you amazing humans! It’s been a while. I know I’ve been MIA. But, such is life at times. It moves way fast…so fast, it’s hard to keep up at times.

Quick update on my writing adventures. I’m planning to republish my Chaysing Trilogy in paperback form as an indie author. I’m currently going through it and changing some things a bit. I’ll have my amazing cover designer make some minor changes. Hopefully, I’ll have the books available in paperback form by the end of the year. Fingers crossed!

In the meantime, I wanted to share Chapter One of Girl Behind The Veil. I’m really proud of this story, so I hope you like it.


The Mission


My assignment was simple. Buy the girl and get out. It shouldn’t be too difficult since I’d been in much more dangerous missions than this. Piece of cake.

Besides, being in the Special Forces for the United States government had trained me well to perform under pressure. At the age of twenty-five, I was one of the younger soldiers in my unit. But I had more than proved my worth. Not only was I picked for this assignment because of my age, but I was one of the top combat and weaponry agents, as well as being fluent in four languages.

I was disguised as Pier Silvani, a wealthy son of a very successful Italian businessman. Pier had a reputation of getting what he wanted, even if he had to break the rules to get it. It made me sick how many human trafficking operations existed in the world. These evil men found ways to obtain the innocent girls in their possession and sell them to the highest bidders.

I rode in the back of the Jeep while the two Pakistani men with their guns in their hands sat in the front. They had picked me up from my hotel couple of hours ago and were bringing me to check the girls out in person. I was well aware that I was at a complete disadvantage with no weapons of my own. I wasn’t even allowed to bring a cell phone with me.

Typically, I wasn’t assigned to such missions, but this one was different. Apparently, they had kidnapped the wrong girl. It looked like this girl I was to save was somebody important. I was never informed of her father’s identity, but was told he was a big shot in the political world. As soon as he found out his daughter was missing, he contacted the right connections with enough influence to have my team be brought in to find her.

Once it was determined that this human trafficking organization had kidnapped her three weeks ago while she was shopping at a bazaar, we were given strict instructions to keep it all very simple. I would act as a client, buy her from the organization, and get her out. We would then see her safe to her father, and the mission would be completed.

I only hoped that she never told her kidnappers her true identity. If they realized they had a goldmine in their hands, God only knew what they’d do to her. Even I wasn’t notified of much information about her. I was merely shown a picture of her and was told she was only nineteen years old. My unit hadn’t even told me her name.

Luckily, we had enough contacts to get me in as one of the potential clients. At first, I was given photographs of girls to choose from by the kidnappers. I wasn’t interested in any of the other girls, though. Sure, it would be pretty awesome to be able to save them all, but their fate was out of my hands. I was after the one and only—the girl with the beautiful, gray eyes.

Since my team had already shown me numerous photos of her, I recognized her picture immediately when it was presented to me. She had a hijab around her face, so her hair was completely covered, but her gray eyes were unmistakable. Whereas the other girls had cast their eyes down, this girl had stared straight into the camera with a look of defiance.

To keep it believable, I’d chosen four different girls out of the twenty pictures they’d shown me, one being the subject. Now, as we approached the compound—which appeared to be in the middle of nowhere in northern parts of Pakistan—my senses were on high alert. Already driving for two hours, there was nothing around us but vast land.

As we got closer, I noticed five different Jeeps parked, and two large tents were set up. I was guided into one of the tents by the driver and was ordered to stay there until further instructions. Knowing I was with no weapons in the middle of nowhere and responsible for saving somebody of great importance made my adrenaline pump even faster. But the fact that they believed I was very wealthy who liked to live on the edge helped me get this close to the subject.

When they brought the four girls into the tent, each was covered from head to toe in her traditional attire. Five men with guns were accompanying them. One of the men, who appeared to be their leader, approached me and shook my hand. He smiled as he pointed to the girls behind him. I smiled back, showing him I was looking forward to the business transaction.

“Welcome, Pier Silvani. I think you’ll be pleased with these girls, yes?” The man spoke in Urdu.

“Yes, very pleased,” I replied in Urdu. I wasn’t that good in the language, but I was able to wing it if needed.

“Shall we speak in English to make it easier for both of us?” he asked in a heavy accent.

“I would prefer it,” I agreed, being careful to speak with an accent as well. “Thank you.”

With a swift move, he approached each of the girls and pulled their garments off them. Four completely naked girls stood before me, and it took everything out of me not to react at their humiliation. As much as I wanted to cover the girls, I pretended to inspect each of them by circling around them. Some of the girls whimpered, some trembled out of fear, and all but one kept their gaze down to the ground.

I knew who the girl I was searching for immediately. She was the one who kept staring straight ahead, her lips drawn into a thin line, showing defiance. Her skin was as clear as a porcelain doll, and the contrast of her jet-black hair cascading against her snow-white body took my breath away. Her almond-shaped eyes were the most unusual color of gray, and I was certain that the depth in them could pierce one’s soul.

Whereas the other girls stood with their shoulders stooped forward, she remained erect with her shoulders and head held high. There was not a sound coming from her while she stood strong and held onto her pride. Even though her hands were rolled into tight fists and she kept her chin up, I could tell she was hanging on by a thin thread, holding onto any little dignity that remained.

An overwhelming urge to cover her with my own jacket from the prying eyes of the disgusting pigs snuck up on me. I wanted to protect this girl—a complete stranger—and whisk her away.

“Don’t worry, they’re all virgins. We inspected them.” The man laughed as if he was sharing some inside joke with me.

I forced myself to laugh with him and then pointed to the girl I was after. “I want her.”

“Ah, yes, she is special, yes? We call her Azmia. A beautiful girl, yes?” He approached her and smacked her on her bare bottom.

I saw Azmia close her eyes and clench her jaw, trying to keep herself together.

I stepped right in front of her and cupped her chin in my hand, forcing her to look at me. She stared deep into my eyes, daring me to make the next move. Leaning forward, I brushed my lips against hers ever so softly, causing the men to laugh and whistle. She, however, kept her lips tight, maintaining indifference to my kiss.

“Azmia,” I repeated the name. How fitting since Azmia meant brave. “Yes, very beautiful. I want her. Here’s the money you asked for.” I held out the briefcase containing $50,000 in cash.

The man grabbed the briefcase from my hand and opened it. Once satisfied of the content, he nodded. “Yes, you’ll enjoy this one. We have her papers and her new IDs for you. You should have no problems getting her out of the country.” He then turned toward his men and spoke in Urdu. “Cover the girls up and get this one ready to go. And keep your hands off her!”

I wasn’t surprised that he had to remind his men to keep their hands to themselves since it appeared they wouldn’t hesitate one bit to fulfill their wildest fantasies with her.

Within ten minutes, the girl named Azmia was sitting next to me in the back seat of the Jeep, covered from head to toe in her black garment. This time, the man who spoke English was riding in the front as a passenger, but the driver remained the same. They were supposed to take us to the airport in Islamabad where they believed my private jet was waiting for us. It was a three-hour drive, and if everything went as planned, we should be at the airport before sunset.

My goal was to just keep us safe for the next three hours, and then my assignment would be done. My team was already waiting for us at the airport, and they’d take over. They were supposed to check us in through the gates as if we were any other passengers to avoid suspicion. All I had to do was to get Azmia to that point. Once there, they’d get her to her father.

As we drove through a completely deserted road, I kept my eyes on the men in front of me. I was well aware that both of them had handguns attached to their waists. We had been driving for nearly half an hour, and I knew the nearest sign of any civilization was probably another hour away.

The men were talking amongst themselves and would occasionally say a couple of things to me. They were mostly making jokes about my time with my new girl. I humored them and laughed at their silly jokes. But when I heard a sudden pop from the side of the Jeep, I had a sinking feeling that we had a flat tire.

“What happened?” I asked.

The driver got out and answered to his boss in Urdu. “Flat tire, Sahib.”

I showed my irritation. “I don’t have all day. I need to get to my destination while it’s still daylight.”

“Oh, don’t worry,” the leader said to me in English. “The rest of my men are not far behind us. We’ll use one of those Jeeps to get you to the airport.” He grabbed the radio and spoke in Urdu to explain the situation. He then turned toward me again and said, “See, they’ll be here in twenty minutes.”

The driver entered his seat again while we all waited. My senses were so focused on the men that I didn’t notice when Azmia suddenly lunged toward me. Caught off-guard, she was instantly on top of me, punching and scratching.

Before I could take control of the situation, the leader jumped out of the Jeep and pulled her off me. Snatching her hijab off, he grabbed her hair and dragged her out of the vehicle. I leaped out as well, trying to calm everybody down. The driver had remained in the Jeep, waiting on the leader to handle the girl.

“I told you to learn your manners! He’s your master now!” The man screamed at Azmia in Urdu while shaking her like a rag doll. He pulled his gun out and held it to her face.

“Stop!” I ordered. “I can handle her. She’s mine now.”

“She has to be taught a lesson for her behavior,” the man replied back to me, shoving her to the ground.

Azmia landed hard, but only a soft whimper escaped her lips.

“I said, I’m her master now. She’s mine! I’ll handle her!” I kept my voice stern.

The man turned to me, taking in heavy breaths as if to calm himself down. “Fine! But I warn you, girls like this one must be controlled.” He then bent down to pull her up to a standing position. To my horror, he punched her on the side of her face.

As Azmia toppled down again, I could no longer hold back my fury. I dove forward, tackling him down. The impact caused him to drop his gun, and I took the opportunity to grab him in a chokehold. When I saw the driver stepping out of the Jeep, instincts took over. Without hesitating, I snapped the lead guy’s neck, and he lay limp in my arms.

I knew I had to act quickly as the driver ran toward us with the gun pointed at me. Everything happened all at once. The gunshot echoed into the deathly silence of the isolated road. The driver went down, and I realized Azmia had just shot him. She was standing still with the leader’s gun in her hand, her eyes wide with shock.

I stood up slowly, stepping toward her. When she pointed the gun at me, I raised my arms up, showing her I was harmless.

“It’s okay,” I said in English. “Do you understand English at all?”

She remained quiet, but continued pointing the gun at me.

“I’m here to help you.” I then spoke in my broken Urdu while I kept taking small steps toward her. “Your father sent me.”

A look of confusion crossed her face, and I took the opportunity to grab her wrist and snatch the gun out of her hand.

“It’s okay. I won’t hurt you.” I placed the gun on the waist of my pants and continued, “We have to go. The rest of the men will be here in no time.”

When I saw her trying to weigh her options, I moved quickly. I grabbed the driver’s gun and checked the back of the Jeep. Seeing the backpack, I breathed a sigh of relief when I noted the content in there. It had some water bottles, first aid kit, a knife, a military blanket, and some military rations.

“Bingo,” I whispered to myself. Placing my arms through the backpack, I turned to her. “Let’s go! We have to get out of here before the rest of them arrive. We have to go through the woods where they can’t follow us with their Jeeps.”

I was speaking in English because there simply was no time for me to try to figure out how to translate everything into Urdu.

“I killed a man,” she stated in Urdu, staring at the dead body.

“It’s okay. We must go.” There was no way I could deal with her mental state at the moment. I grabbed her arm and began running toward the tree lines.

Although Azmia still seemed to be in a state of shock, she ran alongside me. I held onto her arm to help set her pace. We needed to get as much distance as possible before the rest of them found their men dead.


Okay, folks. That’s all for now. I would love for you to read the rest. The story is really heartfelt and brings to light many real problems such as human trafficking, PTSD, cultural differences… Here’s the link: Amazon

Girl Behind The Veil Wins TWO Gold Medals!!


I am so so excited to share that Girl Behind The Veil won not one, but two gold medals!

FAPA (Florida Authors & Publishers Association) President’s Book Awards announced the winners recently. In their Romance Suspense category, Girl Behind The Veil took gold! I was completely surprised because I know it’s a tough competition, especially in that category. Additionally, the judges are industry professionals, publishers, and librarians. So, for them to read the story, and then award it the gold medal, is truly a humbling experience. Thank you, thank you!

This weekend, Readers’ Favorite International Book Awards just released their winners. I am honored that this heartfelt story won in Fiction Cultural category. Again, I wasn’t expecting to get first place. When I saw the list, I was shocked and had to refresh the page to make sure I saw it correctly.

Honestly, as authors, we put our heart and soul into our stories. We create these beautiful characters, and we cry with them, feel their pain, joy, fear, and triumph. Our books are our babies, and to be recognized for all the sweat and tears that was put into the writing…well, honestly, I am beyond grateful.

Girl Behind The Veil is especially emotional to me because the main character (Salena) is a victim of human trafficking. I wanted to write about this important topic because we need to do so much more with this worldwide problem. I hope with this story, it not only raises awareness, but inspires people to do something about such a horrific tragedy.

I also bring up cultural diversities, stereotypes, and acceptance. Many times, family and society say one thing, but the heart says the opposite. I can completely relate to this since I was raised in United States, but my parents are from India. It’s actually quite common to feel like you’re living two different lives (one consisting of traditional values and the other consisting of more modern, western values).

In each story I write, I leave a piece of me behind. If you haven’t read Girl Behind The Veil yet, I’d love for you to check it out. I promise it’s a story that will stay with you forever. Here’s the link: Amazon

I am proud of the recognition the rest of my books have received. Yay! Go me!

As always, thank you for your support! Have a great week!

All Book awards

Broken (chap 8 & 9) from Loving You Hurts So Good

Broken teaser2

Hey, everybody! Jed and Sage’s story continues in Broken. Here are Chapters 8 & 9. Please be sure to read Chap 1-7 first. Links are below: 

Chapter 1 & 2: Link   

Chapter 3: Link

Chapter 4: Link

Chapter 5: Link

Chapter 6 & 7: Link


Chapter Eight

The cabin was surrounded by trees and hidden nicely away from the main roads. Luckily, it was fairly easy to move his wheelchair around because of the cemented pathways. They arrived at two in the morning, and by the time Sage unloaded everything and set the bathroom up, it had turned into three o’clock.

“Thanks again for everything. I think we escaped undetected. I know you must be tired. I’m going to try to use the bathroom one more time, but I think I should be okay now. You should get some sleep,” Jed said.

“Yeah, I’m wiped. I’ll just wait until you’re in bed.”

“You don’t need to tuck me in, Sage.”

Sage laughed. “I like tucking you in. Now, go try to use the bathroom. I want to know if you’re successful with it.”

“You’re a bully!” Jed laughed, wheeling himself into the bathroom. He had no idea how he got so comfortable with her so quickly. It was as if the last ten years had never occurred.

When he returned to the bedroom fifteen minutes later, Sage was still there, but was wearing her sweats and a tank top. “Figured I’d go change and then check on you before hitting the sack.”

“Cute nightie. Sexy!” Jed teased.

“Hey! It’s comfortable. So, were you able to pee in the toilet?”

“I know you won’t leave me alone until I answer, so yes, I did pee. Satisfied?”

“Much.” Sage watched when Jed positioned his wheelchair next to the bed to scoot himself over. “Why don’t you try to stand up to get into the bed?”

“Because I’ll fall flat on my face,” he answered, frowning.

“How do you know unless you try? You have to try every time so you can teach yourself to stand again,” Sage encouraged.

“You think I can just miraculously stand and get into this bed?”

“No, but I can help you stand. I’m just saying the more you force yourself to use the muscles, the better.”

“All right, let’s try it. I’m a lot taller than you. You sure you can help me? I don’t want to hurt you.”

“Yeah, I’ll do what your therapists do. I’ll be right in front of you and hold onto your waist to assist.” Sage took her position, and Jed made sure his feet were properly placed under him. “Okay, at the count of three. You ready?” When Jed nodded, she continued, “One, two, three.”

Jed pushed up with his legs with all his might, and Sage helped him up. He had to hold her shoulders with his hands for support. Somehow, he was bearing weight through his legs, but he knew they would collapse any second. Quickly turning, he fell onto the bed, taking Sage with him.

Both laughing hysterically, Sage remained on top of him while he continued to hold her. “Hey, I think you were able to stand for a second or two,” she said.

“I was pushing down with my hands quite a bit on your shoulders. You okay?” Jed asked while playing with her hair.

Sage looked up at him, suddenly realizing how close they were. “Yeah, um, I better go.”

When she tried to pull herself off of him, Jed held her tighter.

“Not yet,” he whispered. He held her face and brought it down for a kiss. Deepening the kiss, Jed heard her moan. He permitted his hands to roam her body, reliving every memory. He knew exactly how to touch her…what made her feel good. With skin as soft as snow, she melted under his touch. What he wouldn’t do to make her his at that very moment. Reality came crashing down, though, and he abruptly pulled away. “We better stop.”

“Mm,” she moaned. “That felt good.” She rested her head on his chest, enjoying the rock-hard muscles under her. Jed had always been athletic and active, which is probably what’s helping with his rehabilitation.

“Sage? Yeah, so I totally felt something.”

Looking up at him, she asked, “What do you mean?”

“I mean, it felt good, like really good. I didn’t think I could respond like that with my paralysis and all. But, you definitely were able to wake up some muscles that have been inactive since the accident.”

Smiling ear to ear, Sage kissed him again. “That’s the best news yet, Jed.”

When he saw her eyes filling with tears, he said, “Don’t. One day at a time, right?”

“Yes, one day at a time.”


Chapter Nine

Each day, Jed continued to show improvements, and each day, they became closer. While she was stretching his legs on his bed one evening, she said, “One of my colleagues is attending a conference at Dallas this weekend. He’s a neurologist, and he specializes in spinal cord injuries. I’d love for us to meet with him to get his opinion. We can bring your records, and maybe he might be able to give us some type of prognosis.”

“You want us to drive up to Dallas?”

“Yeah, I’ve known him for a while, and I know he’s good at what he does. I think he’ll be honest with us.”

“All right, sure. We can drive up. It’s only an hour and a half drive.”

“Okay, good. I’ll let him know. Maybe he can meet us for lunch or dinner, and we can fill him in.”

Jed remained quiet for a few moments before he finally asked the question that had been bothering him for a long time. “Why did you break up with me, Sage?”

Pausing briefly, she answered, “We were in the opposite sides of the country. Our relationship was drifting, and I knew you were starting a new life in LA. I didn’t want to hold you back.”

“Bullshit! Don’t turn it around on me. You know damn well, I never wanted either of us to quit on our relationship, no matter how hard it got.” Jed remembered feeling the betrayal and the pain when she had ended it. “You wouldn’t even meet with me in person. Our relationship was that insignificant to you that you just ended it over a phone call.”

“It wasn’t easy for me, Jed. But, one of us had to do the right thing. I was busy with my studies, and every time I saw pictures of you on social media partying with different girls, I’d go crazy. I literally couldn’t even focus on anything but what you were doing. Finally, it all just got too much. I knew I had to let you go.” Sage quickly wiped the tears that had slipped out.

Jed grabbed her hand and pulled her down toward him. Rolling on top of her, he stared into her eyes, her soul. His eyes raw with deep emotions, he said, “You made the decision for both of us. You gave me no choice. Like I had no feelings. Like I was just along for a ride. I mattered, Sage. You mattered, and our relationship mattered. I didn’t want us to walk away.”

Sage could see the pain and anger in his eyes. “I tried to stay connected. I called you numerous times, so we could keep in touch,” she tried to explain.

“You think after our history together that I could just be your friend? Come on, you know me better than that.”

With her voice trembling, Sage said, “I’m sorry. I didn’t want you to feel obligated to stay with me. I wanted you to have your freedom. I tried so hard to let you go, Jed. But, you were always with me. Right here, you were always with me.” She took Jed’s hand and placed it over her heart.

Jed buried his face into her neck. “Losing you nearly killed me,” he whispered.

Sage tangled her fingers into the lock of his hair and held him close. Unable to resist, she began to pull his t-shirt off. Playing with his chiseled chest, she closed her eyes, savoring the sensation. She could feel him trembling under her touch, enjoying the power she had over him. “I’ve missed you, Jed.”

Looking deep into her eyes, he slowly lowered his lips, devouring her. Turned on by his passion, Sage instinctively molded her body against his. Soon, he had her tank top off and was already playing with her breasts with his hands and lips. She couldn’t help the moans that slipped out as both of their breathing became erratic.

“Sage, my whole being wants you so bad. You can’t possibly imagine. But, I don’t think I can yet.”

Slowing her breathing down, she said, “It’s okay. It doesn’t matter.”

Jed kissed her one more time. “Stay in this bed with me tonight. I want you in my arms.”

Nothing could make her happier. Sage slid closer to him and cherished the strong arms cradling her.

Jed held her tight, thanking his lucky stars she was back in his life. Holding Sage in his arms felt like being home again.

Chapter 10 coming soon! As always, thank you for your support. All of my books and stories can be found on Amazon (and they’re all free on Kindle Unlimited). LINK

Fate’s Roar Earns the Five Star Seal from Readers’ Favorite!

FAte's Roar 3D

I am so excited to share that Fate’s Roar just earned the five star seal from Readers’ Favorite! I just got three professional reviews back and all are five star reviews! Here’s what they had to say:

Review #1:

Reviewed By Rabia Tanveer for Readers’ Favorite

“Fate’s Roar by Jalpa Williby is the next novel in the Fate Series and I am irrevocably in love with Williby and her writing style. If you had told me that I would be this immersed in the story of gargoyles, I would have never believed you. However, there is something about the way Jalpa Williby writes so that you cannot help but like it, love it and adore it.

This time, the story is about Shane and Samantha and how they overcome their problems to be together forever. The moment Shane laid eyes on little Samantha, he knew that he needed to keep her safe. Throughout her life, Shane was her one protector and he did everything in his considerable power to help her and keep her safe. Now that she is no longer a little child, but a very beautiful woman, Shane has feelings for her. Samantha loves him back, but the Gargoyles are not happy with them and their friendship. Now Samantha is in trouble; she has to pay for something that she had no control over and Shane will not let that happen. He will protect Samantha, even if it means that he has to take drastic measures. She is his to protect and he will do it at any cost.

What can I say about this amazingly thrilling and fascinating novel? It is remarkable, the character development is stupendous, and I absolutely love the way that Jalpa Williby writes. She has a way with words that cannot be described but only experienced. I love the way she built this absurd world of Gargoyles and made it this interesting for a person like me who does not like paranormal fiction that much. I wish I could give this novel more than 5 stars because it deserves a lot more. Absolutely brilliant!”

Wow! She says, “irrevocably in love with Williby and her writing style…absolutely brilliant…more than 5 stars.” Hell yeah! Thank you, kind reviewer! 

Review #2:

Reviewed By Romuald Dzemo for Readers’ Favorite

“Fate’s Roar by Jalpa Williby is the second stunning entry in the Fate Series, a work that seems to efficiently combine romance and the paranormal to create the kind of entertainment that will appeal to a wide audience. Readers are introduced to two powerful characters whose romantic journey will take them by surprise. Shane is the kind of attractive man who’d turn any woman’s head, but he has an arrogance that matches his sexiness. He is the kind of guy who doesn’t have any plans of settling down and, although he leaves many broken hearts in his wake, he has a protective attitude towards Samantha, a girl he’d never want to suffer the kind of cruelty he metes out to women. But everything changes when she suddenly disappears.

Jalpa Williby has a rare gift for character and knows how to explore human emotions, making the characters come alive, vividly. There is a lot the author did right, a lot that I loved about this romance. The book starts with action, a fire incident, and the reader gets to meet the protagonist very early in the story. The discovery that Shane cares about Samantha more than offering her protection doesn’t come abruptly and readers will love how the author does the showing, building the tension slowly until it reaches the climax. The plot in Fate’s Roar moves very fast and, with the interesting characters and the powerful conflict, it will be hard for readers to put the book down. Jalpa Williby offers her signature for writing, the crisp prose that sings like music in the ears of readers, all sprinkled with vivid descriptions and interesting dialogues. Romance has never been my thing, but this author has succeeded in creating a strong interest in me for this genre. The plot is irresistible and the compelling cast of characters will leave readers trapped in the world of this book until they read the satisfying end.”

This reviewer states, ” rare gift for character and knows how to explore human emotions…her signature for writing, the crisp prose that sings like music in the ears of readers, all sprinkled with vivid descriptions and interesting dialogues.” I honestly can’t express how much reviews like these mean to me.

Review #3:

Reviewed By Lex Allen for Readers’ Favorite

With Fate’s Roar, the second novel in this series, Jalpa Williby has firmly established another great group of characters and, for me, a new paranormal concept—gargoyles. In Williby’s words, lead character Shane is “sexy, arrogant and ruthless. He is used to women falling at his feet. Settling down has never been an option.” The author doesn’t mention that these attributes apply only to his human side, nor the fact that this monster, this gargoyle—yes, one of those ugly statues most commonly found on Catholic churches—has a few paranormal abilities with which he can manipulate the human mind. In Fate’s Roar, Shane rescues his gargoyle brother (Damien) and human wife (Kelsey) from a fire and meets Kelsey’s ten-year-old niece Samantha for the first time… naked. He tries to use his abilities to cause the girl and her mother to forget they saw him and discovers that little Sammy is not susceptible to his power. If that’s not the start of a great story, I don’t know what is!

It’s been two years since I last read a novel by Jalpa Williby, but I recognized her name when it popped up on Reader’s Favorite review list and snatched it up without bothering to read what the book was about. That already tells a lot about my opinion of this author’s writing prowess. Her talent at weaving romance into a thrilling, paranormal scenario is truly second to none, including the now household names of Bella Forest or Stephenie Meyer. Fate’s Roar is a roller coaster ride that combines deep emotional ups and downs with impossible to foresee twists and turns in the exciting storyline. I predict another bestseller for Jalpa Williby — deservedly so!

Lastly, this reviewer compares me to Bella Forest and Stephenie Meyer. Can I smile any wider?? “Her talent at weaving romance into a thriller, paranormal scenario is truly second to none…deep emotional ups and downs…exciting storyline.”


See why this story is getting such great reviews! You can get it on Amazon (Free on Kindle Unlimited)


Fates roar teaser3

Fate's Roar teaser8

Fate's Roar teaser2

Your Masterpiece

Chaysing Dreams cover copy

Now that my first book, Chaysing Dreams, has been out for about nine months, I’ve slowly been learning some tough lessons.

So you write your so-called “masterpiece” and think that it’s going to be an instant best seller. You think people all over the world will somehow know that you just released this novel—the one you put your blood, sweat, and tears into—and immediately buy it because they can’t wait to read your book.

And then, the reality hits. Yeah, aside from a few close family members and friends, nobody knows who you are and couldn’t care less about your “masterpiece.”

Overall, I’ve been lucky. I’m slowly building fans, and I’ve got some pretty cool reviews. I’ve even had a fan send a fan-made trailer for Chaysing Dreams! Now that’s exciting!

As an author, I can tell you that reviews are so important. Really, the reviews are what get your book noticed. So if you read a book, please do that author a favor and leave a review (even if it’s a brief one). Trust me, every review matters.

Again, I’ve been lucky on this as well. Majority of the reviews have been five star reviews. I can’t even describe the ecstatic emotions when you receive these reviews.

But of course, I’ve also received a couple of low star reviews as well. When I say a couple, I literally mean two. The emotions you go through when you read these reviews is quite funny. It goes something like this: “Wait, did I see this right? Maybe they’re confused with another book. Did they even read the book? How did they not understand what the story is trying to convey? They must be young and immature.” Then, when you accept that somebody really didn’t like your book, your thoughts shift to the following: “Maybe the stories are not as good as I thought. Maybe I’m a terrible writer. I hate this–this just doesn’t feel good- I’m just not going to write any more books. I don’t need this negativity in my life.”

Finally, when acceptance sinks in, you are a bit more rational about the whole thing.

Here’s the bottom line: Everybody is entitled to their own opinion. As hard as it may be to believe, NOT EVERYBODY IS GOING TO LIKE YOUR BOOK. I mean we’re all different individuals, with different tastes. I know it’s a shocker, but that’s the reality.

I’ve decided that perhaps I can learn from these reviews. I’m still growing as a writer. I’m no way near where I need to be- so hopefully, I can utilize some of the criticism to my advantage. If I can’t use anything from it, I’ve learned to shrug it off. Life goes on.

If you’re a reader, thank you so much for your support. It’s the readers that keep the authors motivated to keep writing, so please don’t forget those reviews.

If you’re an author, do yourself a favor. Go ahead and pat yourself on the back for writing your “masterpiece.” Be proud because it takes a lot for not only writing it, but also putting it out there for the whole world to scrutinize.

Hold your head up high, grow some tough skin, and yell, “Are you ready for my masterpiece?”

Remember, at the end of the day, your “masterpiece” is your baby, and nobody can take that away from you.

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